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About Us

Professional Ambulance - Our Mission

Professional strives to live up to its name with every transport. A true family business, we operate with a strong sense of integrity and treat each customer like a member of our extended family. The culture of caring developed here has been the biggest driver of our success.

Pillars of our Success

The Baginski family believes in leadership by example. They hold all personnel to a high standard of compassion and caring. As active EMT’s themselves, they interact with customers and patients regularly while working alongside Professional staff.

Professional places a strong emphasis on interpersonal skills as well as clinical excellence. We consider all our EMT’s and drivers to be ambassadors for our company as well as caregivers to our patients. Appearance and attitude are both parts of a positive experience!

All our professionals undergo rigorous on-the-job training to improve clinical skills and learn the Professional standards of behavior. EMT’s receive thorough training in pre-hospital protocols and are prepared to deliver care with confidence.

The Baginski family has worked hard to create a positive environment for our employees, resulting in greater job satisfaction and higher quality service being passed on to patients and customers.

Professional Ambulance is committed to staying on the forefront of the technology wave that is sweeping through the healthcare industry. Professional utilizes the most cutting-edge technology available, including:


Our History & Future

Professional Ambulance was founded in December, 2009 by the Baginski family- Joseph, Brenda, Jacquelyn & Martin. Professional had humble beginnings, opening during the height of the recession with just one ambulance and one full-time employee. Since opening, Professional has become Rhode Island’s leading provider of medical transportation. Just a few years later, Professional delivers roughly 60,000 transports per year using a fleet of 35 vehicles and a team of nearly 100 employees.

Professional is always looking for new ways to serve the residents of Rhode Island and to fill gaps in the current healthcare system. In addition to providing emergent transport, Professional also helps some of the most vulnerable members of our gain access to healthcare providers when they need it most.