Be more

That’s our motto.
At Professional, we’re more than a transportation service. We are a family committed to constantly being “more”‐ more empowered, more compassionate, and more committed to excellence.

Professional Ambulance has a strong conscience. Our team is made up of folks from all walks of life.
What ties us all together is our shared goal of being a friendly face to our community’s most vulnerable residents.

Learn more about our core values, and our teammates who exemplify them below.

Role: EMT‐ Cardiac
Worked at Professional since: 2012
My Experience at Professional

Professional Ambulance is literally my family‐ I met my husband, Chris, working here. At our wedding last summer lots of my colleagues were there to celebrate with me. But they’re more than colleagues, they’re family too. I leave base every day feeling like I can go out and take care of my patients, some of whom I’ve really gotten close to over the years.

Favorite Part of the Job

The patients. We’re encouraged to really engage with every patient‐ regardless of why we’re transporting them. And we’re expected to treat them like we’d want our family member to be treated.

There’s one patient, Anna, I’ve been transporting three times a week since the year I started here. She’s become like a second grandmother to me. I feel like I’m a part of her life and she’s a real part of mine.

Role: EMT‐ Cardiac, Paramedic in training
Worked at Professional since: 2014
My Experience at Professional

Working here is the real deal. Over the course of an 8‐hour shift, I might see ten patients. Professional demands that I do my absolute best for my patients every day‐ some days that might just be a smile for someone going through chemo. Other days, it might be treating someone mid‐heart attack.

Favorite Part of the Job

Everyone here calls me “Doc.” I spend a lot of time reading EMS journals, learning about the cutting‐edge technologies being developed across the country. I like helping the new guys polish up their skills. This is my life’s work. I want to make it count.

Role: EMT‐B, EMT-C in training
Worked at Professional since: 2015
My Experience at Professional

I came to Professional completely new to EMS‐ I’ve only been an EMT for a year and a half. My entire career was in a completely different field. Coming here has been better than I expected. The Baginski’s took the time to show me the ropes of being a new EMT. Working here has been great for my home life too‐ Professional cares about my commitments to my family.

Favorite Part of the Job

I’ve been selected for a company scholarship to EMT‐Cardiac school. Without ever asking, the Baginski’s offered to send me to school to advance my licensure. Working here means I get to grow as a professional but without having to sacrifice on my commitments to my family.


Professional Ambulance believes in investing in the people who invest in us. Dedicated employees all have the opportunity to advance their careers by attending EMT classes at no cost. What are you waiting for?!

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