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ProGo Service

Professional Ambulance’s on-demand car service is designed for ambulatory riders who need an easy, affordable, way to get to their medical appointment. Streamlined scheduling and dispatch, 20 minute availability, and experienced staff-members help ensure the ProGo Experience. Whether it’s a helping hand, or navigating a large medical building, all special requests are handled seamlessly by our courteous staff.

Streamlined Operations: Online scheduling, Computer-Aided Dispatch, and GPS Tracking allow for the highest-quality operations available in the transportation industry. These efficiencies ensures that we’re able to focus more on our patients.

Experienced Staff: Healthcare transportation requires a unique expertise: patients often suffer from limited mobility or mild cognitive impairment. Chronically-ill patients may require some special handling not available elsewhere. Large medical campuses can be daunting and inconvenient. ProGo staff are well-aware of these concerns, and well-trained to deal with them.

Van & SUV Service

Not all transports call for emergency lights and sirens. Many of the patients we transport don’t require an ambulance at all- just a safe, comfortable ride to an important medical appointment. We offer a range of transportation services for people who are ambulatory or mobility impaired.

ALS Ambulance Transportation

Professional Ambulance also contracts with local nursing and assisted living facilities as a preferred provider of emergency transportation. When every minute counts, Professional Ambulance staff can be counted on to provide swift transportation to the emergency room and sound clinical care along the way.